img_0547FoodFunNashville is meant to be a fun, informative blog. I am hoping to be able to keep people from all walks of life in the loop about upcoming events and concerts at the coolest venues in Nashville as well as the best places to eat in the city. I hope you find something you like within my blog! Feel free to ask questions about me, my blog, or upcoming events. Also, tell me what you want to learn about or if I missed anything I should write about.

I was born in Nashville and have lived right outside of the city for the majority of my life. I love absolutely everything about Nashville, from the bright glow of the neon lights and the sound of country music that floods the streets of the city to the sense of southern hospitality that Nashville itself holds for locals and visitors alike. Whether you actually live in Nashville or you’re just visiting for a little while, Nashville has something to offer for everyone. There are some amazing places to eat as well as cool concert venues and shopping centers. Check it out, and enjoy your stay!